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We know how to help your campaign evaluate any situation and execute on a strategy that is guided by accurate, fast, and affordable research and intelligence to ensure you are always using the right tool for the job.

Fast, accurate survey and testing results to evaluate your constituency, direct your campaign, and deliver your victory.

We have given polling a new lease on life.

We have combined the best practices of traditional pollsters with the technology available to large analytics firms that service major industries. co/efficient can provide the solution you need – with fast, affordable and accurate data to aid your decision making.

what we do

D2d ad delivery

Phone outreach

Fully managed texts

Live streaming events

Telephone town halls

Data services

Our reach

co/efficient’s work extends to all 50 states and hundreds of clients across the country.

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“This is a game changer. co/efficient’s video delivery tool guaranteed our ads were seen, in TV quality, on the mobile devices of the voters we needed to target.”

“co/efficient’s constituent outreach tools help us learn how to serve our constituents better. with their affordable and state of the art solutions, we can understand the needs and opinions of our constituents.”— Rep. Greg Steube

“Bottomline, they nailed it. co/efficient’s unique methodology gave us the most accurate data compared to all other available public polling.”

What is multi-mode polling?

Multi-mode polling uses a scientifically determined combination of data collection methods for a particular political geography – text, interactive voice response (IVR), live interviews – to provide our clients with fast, accurate, and affordable data.

What is direct to device ad delivery?

With co/efficient’s Direct to Device Ad Delivery, your HD TV ads can play in full high quality inside text messaging apps with no outside links, clickthrough or loading. This is the only advertising method that ensures your ads will be seen by nearly all your targeted voters.

What are mobile live streaming town halls?

The next generation of events is here! Optimized for voters with smart mobile devices (94% of all voters) – town halls, rallies, and fundraisers – that allow you to invite voters to participate right from their mobile devices. Your audience receives a personalized text message invitation. There is no app to download, account to create, or social media platform to censor you.  Everything is professionally managed and moderated by our team, so you and your staff can focus on the most engaging content.

What is fully managed text messaging?

Campaigns move fast, and you need an agile and reliable partner to manage your data and get your message out quickly. For political text messaging, legal compliance and delivery rates are becoming more complex to navigate every day. We take that challenge and liability off your back and manage your text and multimedia message delivery to guarantee your message gets in front of the right voters at the right time.