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co/efficient is one of the largest providers of constituent research solutions and official communications services for Members of Congress. In 2020, co/efficient provided franking services for dozens of members in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Our work extends to 36 states and hundreds of clients across the country.

We pioneered the first ever franking-approved constituent survey tool administered via cutting edge data collection technology.

This survey yields hundreds of data points on thousands of your constituents. Now you can survey your entire district on critical issues, name recognition, job approval, upcoming legislation and more. Get all of the data returned in a usable form for follow up.

Fully managed by professional staff, co/efficient will train your team and monitor all events. We will also build invite lists and manage all data.

The next generation of events is here! Optimized for voters with smart mobile devices (94% of all voters) – allowing you to invite voters to participate right from their mobile devices. Your audience receives a personalized text message invitation. There is no app to download, account to create, or social media platform to censor you.  Everything is professionally managed and moderated by our team, so you and your staff can focus on the most engaging content.

You need an agile and reliable partner to manage your data and get your message out quickly. For franking text messaging, legal compliance and delivery rates are becoming more complex to navigate every day. We take that challenge and liability off your back and manage your text and multimedia message delivery to guarantee your message gets in front of the right constituents at the right time.

Send a video update to your constituents directly to their mobile phones – and it will just play with no click throughs or loading.

Fully managed by our professional staff, coefficient can handle all your automated phone needs. Pre-recorded, automated phone calls for alerts, legislative updates, and event and town hall invitations.

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